Symptoms Of Pelvic Floor Problem

March 22, 2018 Posted by Billie Hammond

There are a few signs of pelvic floor problem. Some of them are faced only by women and some especially by men. Most of people do not realize the problem in their pelvic floor due to the lack of knowledge.

In this post we are going to discuss the problems related to pelvic floor disease. There are many treatment options for this problem. As colorectal surgery is done for colon related issues, similarly doctors can recommend one for surgery of pelvic floor if needed.

Symptoms of pelvic floor disease:

There are many symptoms of pelvic floor problem. Leaking of urine during laughing, exercise, cough or sneeze indicates problem with your pelvic floor area. Patients may feel the urge to go to the toilet in a hurry and is unable to make there in time. Difficulty in emptying bladder or bowel is another indication. A patient suffering from pelvic floor problem feels the urge to go to toilet very often and can accidentally lose control over their bowel and bladder. Visit 

A patient may even accidentally pass wind due to the pelvic floor disease. Sex becomes painful and pelvic area starts to pine. Women suffering from pelvic floor diseases feel a bulge in the vagina. This leads to a feeling of discomfort, dropping, pulling and dragging or heaviness. In men the prolapse feels like a bulge in the rectum. Even, there can be an urge to clear the bowel which is basically unproductive. All these things are different indication of pelvic floor diseases. People suffering from these symptoms must see the doctor at the earliest. As per one’s condition doctors refer certain treatment that include pelvic floor surgery Melbourne.

The reasons for pelvic floor disease:

These kinds of diseases can occur due to weakened, stretched or too tight pelvic floor muscle. Some patients from an early age suffer from weak pelvic floor muscles. It can also be caused by menopause, childbirth and pregnancy. Too tight pelvic floor muscles also create problems. Exercises like squeezing and overworking the muscles can worsen the situation. Problem can occur due to the lack of activity. Pregnancy and having babies cause the pelvic floor disease. Back pain is also a reason for such problems. Lifting heavy items like weight training in the gym and obesity is also reasons of pelvic floor problem. Injury in the pelvic reason can cause problem to the pelvic floor. Sneezing, coughing because of asthma and smoking are also reason of pelvic floor disease. Old age also affects the pelvic muscle fitness. The pelvic muscles are always hidden from the eyes. But these muscles can be trained and controlled. Strengthening the pelvic muscle helps to support the bowel and bladder. This strength will prevent accidental leaking of urine and air.

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