Effective Fertility Treatment

March 30, 2017 Posted by Billie Hammond

Acupuncture for pregnancy is quite an old treatment which had originally started from China. It’s known to be quite an effective alternative treatment and now being used as a popular fertility treatment all across the globe.

Acupuncture for fertility comprises of usage of long hair needles which are pressed and poked at certain points, useful for stimulating energy from specific points. For one’s emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health, these energy points are considered as being quite vital. Not only for pregnancy, but acupuncture treatment is known to have been used for curing several kinds of health related issues, such as back aches, cold and cough, headaches and many others. You need to however ensure that you select the right place if you want to start a treatment for pregnancy acupuncture. There are tons of reviews and testimonials that you would come across, where women swear by the benefits they got during pregnancy and how their delivery was successful through regular acupuncture treatment. At specific areas, needles are inserted into the body, all of those that are related to the reproductive organs. This way the process of energy flow is improved and the reproductive system gets healthier. This form of treatment during pregnancy is known to improve amounts of endorphins which are released through the brain. Hence, in turn, it works wonderfully towards reducing stress and depression which tends to be one of the chief causes of infertility. Visit this link http://myacupuncture.com.au/pregnancy/ to find out more reviews regarding pregnancy acupuncture.

Commencing acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture in case of pregnancy works quite in the same way as physical therapy. It works as a medical intervention technique. Before the stage of conception, patients can be worked upon and treated successfully via techniques like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), insemination or even donor egg transfer. This particular technique is therapeutic in nature and women are always asked to get acupuncture treatment done before and after the embryo gets transferred. Usually, it is recommended to proceed with the treatment for twelve weeks of pregnancy. This way chances of miscarriages are avoided since it generally happens during the first three months of pregnancy. Acupuncture for fertility is done through different techniques – one of it being spasmed tubes. The patient is usually given herbal medicines for getting treated. It is useful for treatment of idiopathic infertility, repeated pregnancy loss, polycystic ovarian syndrome, for stimulating hormones in the follicles, etc.

How is acupuncture effective in the case of fertility?

The ideology of oriental medicine does quite largely dictate an individual’s health which is dominated by the quality of Qi one has. Qi is regarded to be important life energy, and it helps to flow the blood all across the body. When Qi and blood flow throughout the body, the body stays in a better and nourished state. It is optimally functional which helps to boost chances of fertility. This is how it has been confirmed that acupuncture does help to increase chances of fertility and is recommended for women who want to get or are already pregnant.

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