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Effective Fertility Treatment

March 30, 2017 Posted by Billie Hammond

Acupuncture for pregnancy is quite an old treatment which had originally started from China. It’s known to be quite an effective alternative treatment and now being used as a popular fertility treatment all across the globe.

Acupuncture for fertility comprises of usage of long hair needles which are pressed and poked at certain points, useful for stimulating energy from specific points. For one’s emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health, these energy points are considered as being quite vital. Not only for pregnancy, but acupuncture treatment is known to have been used for curing several kinds of health related issues, such as back aches, cold and cough, headaches and many others. You need to however ensure that you select the right place if you want to start a treatment for pregnancy acupuncture. There are tons of reviews and testimonials that you would come across, where women swear by the benefits they got during pregnancy and how their delivery was successful through regular acupuncture treatment. At specific areas, needles are inserted into the body, all of those that are related to the reproductive organs. This way the process of energy flow is improved and the reproductive system gets healthier. This form of treatment during pregnancy is known to improve amounts of endorphins which are released through the brain. Hence, in turn, it works wonderfully towards reducing stress and depression which tends to be one of the chief causes of infertility. Visit this link to find out more reviews regarding pregnancy acupuncture.

Commencing acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture in case of pregnancy works quite in the same way as physical therapy. It works as a medical intervention technique. Before the stage of conception, patients can be worked upon and treated successfully via techniques like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), insemination or even donor egg transfer. This particular technique is therapeutic in nature and women are always asked to get acupuncture treatment done before and after the embryo gets transferred. Usually, it is recommended to proceed with the treatment for twelve weeks of pregnancy. This way chances of miscarriages are avoided since it generally happens during the first three months of pregnancy. Acupuncture for fertility is done through different techniques – one of it being spasmed tubes. The patient is usually given herbal medicines for getting treated. It is useful for treatment of idiopathic infertility, repeated pregnancy loss, polycystic ovarian syndrome, for stimulating hormones in the follicles, etc.

How is acupuncture effective in the case of fertility?

The ideology of oriental medicine does quite largely dictate an individual’s health which is dominated by the quality of Qi one has. Qi is regarded to be important life energy, and it helps to flow the blood all across the body. When Qi and blood flow throughout the body, the body stays in a better and nourished state. It is optimally functional which helps to boost chances of fertility. This is how it has been confirmed that acupuncture does help to increase chances of fertility and is recommended for women who want to get or are already pregnant.

Why Acupuncture – Is It Worth It?

March 15, 2017 Posted by Billie Hammond


Traditional Chinese Medicine has many different practices, of which one is acupuncture. The benefits of Acupuncture are many and all this from a few needle pricks in your meridian points. Acupuncture is a 2500 year old practice, practiced in the East, and is now increasingly practiced and available in the west. Acupuncture is effective when performed by an experienced practitioner. An inexperienced practitioner might cause potentially serious side effects therefore you should uses caution when you consult a acupuncture practitioner.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on several ancient beliefs. One is that the human body is part of the Universe. They also believe in harmony between Yin and Yang, and believe that it is an imbalance between Yin and Yang that causes diseases. They also believe that, the five forces consisting of fire, earth, wood, metal, and water, represents everything from human life to the functioning of the body to how the body changes during disease. These concepts have no scientific evidence, but have proved that they work.

Acupuncture involves stimulation of specific points or ‘meridians’ in the body and this is done by a number of techniques. Usually the body’s meridian points are penetrated with thin metal needles, which are put pressure upon by the hands, or by electrical stimulation. In Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, is said to cultivate health and well being by restoring harmony with our body and with our lives.

As acupuncture is based on the accumulation of ‘Qi’ or energy, acupuncture practitioners manipulate ‘Qi’ by contacting ‘Qi’ in the channel ay one or more of the meridians being needled. When these acupuncture points are put pressure upon, the patient may feel a sensation that may vary from heavy, aching, dull, or mildly electrical sensation that spreads throughout the body, in wave like patterns. They are however, hardly painful or unpleasant.

Acupuncture is also used to increase IVF success rates. Acupuncture has been gaining credibility in the western world, and many studies have been conducted to review the implications of acupuncture and fertility. There has been a 65% increase in pregnancy success rates when IVF is combined with treatment of Acupuncture, Therefore IVF acupuncture can certainly be given the credibility it deserves.

As acupuncture cultivates health and wellbeing by restoring harmony in our bodies, this reason itself might convince you that trying an alternative way of treatment like acupuncture is well worth it, and all for a few quick needle pricks.

Practices within Chinese Medicine depend on certain beliefs and philosophies. As it is a holistic and an alternative way of healing, its practices includes diet and nutrition as well, together with exercise and spirituality, and all of this combines in the practice of acupuncture. Benefits of Acupuncture far outweighs the costs, therefore it never hurts to give it a try.


Reliable Physical Treatments

December 21, 2016 Posted by Billie Hammond

This is the twenty first century and there have been numerous breakthroughs in various fields that would have the chance of shaping our world. While all of them are important, the discoveries and the advancements in the field of medicine takes a significant place. This is mainly due to the ability of these change to directly apply human lifestyle, and most importantly, the ability to save life using these changes. Therefore, one should update themselves on the way that the medical world is headed. However, despite the advancements it is no secret that most of the treatments carry many side effects that can be quite harmful for us.

As an example, the usage of drugs is one of the most common ways of treating an illness. But how many of the patients go the actual distance to see if all the ingredients of the drug is safe to use, and what the side effects are? Sometimes such ignorance leads to worse conditions than the one you found yourself in initially when you were sick.  Today, people are slowly realizing the reality of this and are moving to more subtle but efficient ways of physical treatment, such as a pilates personal training These treatments would not only save you the trouble from all the pills, but would also prove to be quite efficient and effective in its own way.

Another good thing about going for physical treatment is that the availability that these treatments offer. While a surgical treatment cannot be done in the moment that you want, going for a physiotherapy Central would make one realize that there are more effective and easier ways to treat something rather than just swallowing a whole load of unhealthy pills or undergoing a stressful operation. Methods of treatment such as massage, heat therapy and exercise has a high chance of bringing your body back to the condition that you want it to work in. The same level of assurance cannot be given to the other methods of treatments that will not be physical.

Therefore, it is clear that there are many efficient and effective ways of treating medical conditions such as diseases, disabilities, and other such conditions through safer means of physical treatments and following this would create awareness among the public of the unhealthy nature of certain medicines and treatments that are widely used. However, a positive trend can be seen in going for non-invasive and physical treatments. Going for such a reliable physical treatment would not only save you the stress of getting rid of the illness, but also the illness as a whole as well.

Choosing A Doctor To Get Your Bust Enhanced

November 16, 2016 Posted by Billie Hammond

We know that if we are seeking medical care for any condition we should go to the right doctor. Going to the wrong doctor who has no idea about the condition can worsen your situation. Though in cosmetic surgery you are not treating a medical condition, not having the right doctor can affect your look permanently. Therefore, you need to be very careful about selecting the right doctor. One of the most widely sought after cosmetic treatment is breast augmentation where breast implants Sydney are inserted to your body to improve the look of your bust. If you pay attention to a few simple facts you will be able to choose the best doctor for your procedure.
Reputation is a very important thing about a doctor too. If a doctor is talented, is kind and reasonable, that increases his or her reputation among patients. There are times when people find their doctors through the doctor’s reputation and not anything else. This same fact is true about a good cosmetic surgeon too. You can find the best through their reputation.
Qualifications and Experience
Once you have found a doctor, through reputation or any other means, you need to check out his or her experience and qualifications. There are a number of breast surgeons everywhere. However, not every one of them will have a good educational background, a career where he or she has done thousands of surgeries. Also, not every one of them must have trained under a famous doctor. Therefore, if you can find a doctor who has all these qualifications and experience you need not worry about anything or look any further.
Proper Consultation and After Operation Care
Once you have chosen a doctor you should go and visit him or her. A good doctor will talk with you attentively. He or she will examine you properly and explain the situation and procedure to be taken to you very well. Also, he or she will be available for you for any post operation condition. You can call them any time. Your only responsibility at this stage is listening to the doctor and following his or her instructions without trying to do what you want to do. If you are going for a breast augmentation operation you need to find a good doctor who is talented and experienced. You can find such a doctor considering his or her reputation, educational qualifications and experience as well as the consultation method of the doctor. Take your time and choose the right one.

The Dangers Of Thinking That You Can’t Do Something

July 18, 2016 Posted by Billie Hammond


Having self-doubt will cause you to lose confidence and hope in your abilities which will cause you to put limitations on yourself. For example, if you doubt that you will never recover from an injury then even if you get treatment done at a physio in Oakleigh you will still not be able to recover completely because of the lack of confidence you have in your abilities.

Overthinking things

Overthinking things will also cause you to put limitations on yourself. Once you make a decision, you should not overthink it too much because overthinking a decision can cause you to keep on going back and forth which would result in you making it very difficult for yourself to make a decision and stick to it. Once you make a decision, it is important that you do not let other people’s opinions change your mind. It is vital that you always do what you think is right instead of always following the crowd. Following other people will result in you doing things that you do not necessarily want to do. It will also result in you doing things that go against your beliefs, principles and morals which would cause you to lose yourself in the process.

Stand up for what you think is right

You should never be afraid to stand up for what you think is right because when you stand up for your beliefs you are not only taking a stand but your bold behavior might also inspire other individuals to also stand up for what they believe in. Standing up for what you believe in can result in people listening to what you have to say due to your passion. Once you have people’s attention, then you can start making small changes that could someday lead to bigger changes for the better.

Talking out loud

When you are faced with a problem, sometimes the best way to resolve the issue would be to talk things over with yourself. Talking out loud when nobody else is around will allow you to hear yourself and your ideas and opinions. When you are able to really hear your ideas out loud it might help you gain some perspective which could help you improve your ideas. When you are uncertain about what to do in a situation you should always try and seek advice however, at the end of the day it would be wise to go with your gut feeling because most of the time your gut feeling is the right one.

Life Of A Medical Student Without Making It Boring?

July 1, 2016 Posted by Billie Hammond

The most common conception is that medical students are a boring and sorry bunch. Most people think that they people who always have a lot to study and therefore are not interested in anything else around them. While this may be true to some people, it is not true with regards to all medical students. There are some medical students who know how to have fun and how to party and at the same time get smashing results with colours. Therefore, if you are one of these students who do not fall into either category, then you must read this article. This article aims to give you advice on how to enjoy the life of a medical student.

Use what you learn in practical life
One of the most fun and important things you can do while enjoying life is to; practice what you learn in everyday situations. For an instance, if you are a senior medical student, then you may practice first aid and anaphylaxis training. With first aid asthma and anaphylaxis training Sydney you will not have to worry about something going wrong. Obviously it is important that you do not let your friends try these things for fun, it is only in an immediate situation that you must train them and keep. You must ensure to tell them that it is not something they can do at home all the time.

Go out at least once a week
It may be true that you have a lot to study. However, it is important that you take sufficient breaks in between studying. You should never just keep studying, as your brain too needs a break from the tedious nature of the studying you do. Therefore, it is important that you gather a few friends and go out for something every week. It can be to drink coffee and eat cake or to consume alcohol. Either way it is important that you get out of the house once in a way.

Watch fictional medical series’
One of the most fun things you can do as a real life medical student is to watch fictional medical television series’. These medical dramas are never true; however they have inspired many people to become medical persons. It is however important that you as a medical student does not indulge in it to the extent that you lose all sense of sanity and believe everything in it to be true. Watch it for relaxation. Never watch it to learn.

Benefits And Side Effects Of Botox Procedures

May 13, 2016 Posted by Billie Hammond

Do you have a lot of creases or deep lines in your face? Is this appearance causing distress to you? Do you want to get rid of these ugly lines and have smoother skin? If the answer to all the above questions is ‘yes’, there’s a remedy for it. In fact, if you search through various cosmetic products that are available in the market, you would find different remedies. However, while some prefer to get natural look others prefer solutions that give faster results. One remedy that has gained popularity over time is wrinkle injections Sydney. This is developed from the Botulinum toxin, which is harmful if eaten. Therefore, some fear of getting this treatment done. However, in the cosmetic industry, this toxin is purified and safe to be injected.

In fact, the properties of this toxin cause more the muscles to relax, therefore, the skin look smoother and wrinkle free. Even though the effects of this procedure last only for about three to four months, majorities opt for the procedure. With that said, if you’re thinking of getting botox Sydney, you should be aware of some of the benefits and side effects, know more here. As a fact, you could make an informed decision, when you decide to get it done:

There are a number of benefits that you could consider, if you’re thinking of visiting a Botox clinic, to get the treatment done;

•    As mentioned above, majorities unaware about that it’s safe to undergo this procedure for enhancing the skin are reluctant. In fact, since it’s these injections are administered in the purified form of the toxin, you don’t have to worry.
•    Moreover, in the medical field, it has shown to be an effective remedy for those suffering from migraine. However, the mechanism behind is still unknown to practitioners and researchers.

Side Effects

On the other, you need to consider the other aspect this treatment, prior to searching for a good Botox clinic;

•    There are a number of cons of this procedure of which majorities experience headaches. Even though this is temporary, for some it might turn out to be a serious problem.
•    Additionally, post treatment, there might be bruising and pain in the area that is injected. However, it would disappear within a week or two, while in the long run could lead to rashes or deep scaring.  In both the cosmetic and medical industry, the remedies that are developed have positive and negative aspects of it. Therefore, if you’re planning to get this procedure to enhance the skin issues in your face, you should be aware of the pros and cons. With that said, there are many articles, research conducted in this area, if you’re looking for more information.