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How To Have A Good Doctor’s Appointment

July 20, 2018 Posted by Billie Hammond


We don’t visit the doctor for fun. We do when we have a problem. Furthermore, it could be for a checkup. But we all hate it. That is because not only do we have to prepare to waste a considerable amount of time in the waiting room. But you also leave the appointment room with more questions than you came with. However, many individuals think that this is the norm. But that is not true because many people have great appointments. They do so because they tend to follow a specific list of guidelines.

Don’t Go On a Monday
Many think it is a great idea to get an appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon Sydney on a Monday. But many consider this to be the worst day of the week for appointments. That is because after the weekend all doctors are trying to catch up on their work. Furthermore, no one is their best on a Monday. Therefore if you want to avoid long periods in the waiting room pick another date.

Come With a List
Something that many patients complain about is forgetting to resolve all their concerns with the spine specialist. Therefore the way to avoid this problem would be to make a list of questions and concerns. Furthermore, if you are going with some problem make sure to write down the symptoms that you experienced. That is because in the heat of the moment many individuals forget to mention all their symptoms.

Make The First Appointment Of The Day
We all know that going to the doctor means spending hours in the waiting room. However, did you know that there is a way to avoid this problem? All you have to do is make the first appointment of the day. We know that you think that doctors don’t arrive on time to work. But that is not true. They get late because they tend to spend a long time with their patients. But if you get the first appointment of the day there won’t be any waiting time.

Be Honest
We all tell little white lies at one point or the other. But there is one person that we should never lie to and that is the doctor. If you have not been sleeping well you need to let the doctor know. If you have not been taking the prescribed medicine you need to let him know. That is because your honesty would help the doctor formulate a treatment plan. Furthermore, at the end of the day, your honest would not benefit the doctor. Instead, it would only benefit you.
If you follow these guidelines you will definitely have a good appointment.


Sleep Apnea: Symptoms And Causes

July 5, 2018 Posted by Billie Hammond

Snoring is a very common thing to joke about. A person who snores loudly easily becomes target of trolls and feels embarrassed. But is it really a thing of embarrassment or of deep thinking. Are you just snoring at night or there is something more? If your snoring is accompanied by daytime fatigue, it may be the sign of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a disorder when breathing is stopped and started during sleep. It not only affects sleep, but also mood and health.1

Sleep apnea:

Sleep apnea is a very common disorder. The airway is blocked interrupting the normal rhythm of breathing. This happens hundreds times in a night. This forces you to snore loudly. You can only be aware of it only if you have a room or bed partner. You may want to reduce it, but it is better to treat it. Sleep apnea takes a toll on emotional health as well. When sleep is interrupted, you will feel sleepy throughout the day. This will cause reduction on concentration and energy. Sleep apnea increases the risk of diabetes, weight gain and accidents. To treat sleep apnea you can use PAP therapy devices, like philips dreamstation Australia.


The basic symptom is snoring. But it is tough to check. You can record or ask your partner to study your sleep pattern. If your breathing is paused during sleep, it is a warning sign. People even gasp after the breathing is started again. You can wake up suddenly feeling short of breath. Noticing symptoms you can start using sleeping machines or masks. Search for CPAP if you don’t want to buy the same.

Dry mouth is caused by sleep apnea. Going to toilet several times is also another sign. After long hours in the bed, if you still feel tired, it is the result of interrupted sleep in the night. Loss of energy in work and lack of concentration after the night is a symptom that your sleep is being interrupted. Impotence is another severe warning sign of this problem. Irritability and mood swings also point towards sleep apnea.

Causes of sleep apnea:

If you are an overweight male with family history, you are at risk of suffering from sleep apnea. Smoking and high blood pressure can be the cause of sleep apnea if a patient is over 50years of age. Enlarged adenoids or tonsils are other reasons that can cause sleep apnea. Receding chin and deviated septum are other causes. People suffering from allergies can suffer from blocked airway and thus sleep apnea. Nasal congestion can also cause sleep apnea. It can also be caused by abnormally relaxation of throat muscles.