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Are You Someone Who Stays With A Computer All The Time?

August 23, 2017 Posted by Billie Hammond

What can we do without a computer these days? Almost everything has computerized, and everyone is online like all the time. But there’s people who help to do our day today cores so that we don’t have to stress out about. Who are they? They are the people who stay behind a computer all the time to program the services we are using today. More precisely we can categorize them as programmers, software engineers, mobile app developers, game developers and all other people who’s doing IT as a career. These people have to run their career with the help of computers al the time, which is not a good thing when it comes to their health.

Health problems?
When you picture some software engineer or a developer, all that comes to your mind is that they are spending a magnificent life while inventing new stuff every day and earing good money and spending a splendid life. But it’s not the total truth. Do you know that, the work stress they are going through? Software engineers are always working with the deadlines and a huge work lot, while programmers and the developers have to stay behind the computer screens until their program is executed and running. There’re a lot of health defects that they suffer from choosing a career like this. Mostly the posture defects as they seated all the time in a same position, and the wrist pains due to the use of mouse and the keyboard all the time, the biggest problem is eye defects which cause due to staring at a screen for the entire time they’ve being with the computer, which is not good from the perspective of an eye specialist because you can have signs of vision deficiency.

A remedy
Well, there’s actually solutions for these defects if we actually prefer it that way. If you are a software engineer, then you can take a several breaks during the work and take a little walk to straighten your body because you’ve being seated the whole time which is not good for your posture. And the next thing is, you could use different kinds of keyboards and mouse, and other equipment which are used by when developing a game to reduce the wrist and muscle pains in your arms. It’s better if you can take therapy from time to time. But the ye defect can be permanent where you would have to take a surgery or a laser treatment, but now a days it’s a treatment with no pain involving and laser eye surgery cost can be manageable.The ImportanceYou might be following your dream career but, you just shouldn’t forget about the importance of your health as well, because, you should be healthy to do your work before anything. So make your health the first thing you care about the most.