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Simple Dental Issues You Might Experience And Their Solutions

May 5, 2017 Posted by Billie Hammond

We all go through various types of oral issues at home like teeth discoloration or even tooth aches too. Most of us do not try to understand the importance of making sure we are orally hygienic and as a result a majority of today’s population are not taking precautions to make sure they have a healthy mouth. What with the digestion of a lot of unhealthy food, high alcohol consumption rates and high smoking rates, people are bound to have unhealthy mouths and that is very dangerous as it leads to fatal issues like strokes and even heart diseases. So the best way we can make sure we are orally healthy is by visiting a dentist regularly and trying our best to avoid oral issues at home. Sometimes when we encounter issues we can try to be our own dentist and come with solutions to give your teeth a rest, here are some ways to fix such issues you might come across.

Sensitive teeth

This is a problem that a majority of people might actually come across a lot during their life. Every time you try to eat something too hot or too cold, it might end up hurting your teeth, this is because you have sensitive teeth. This happens when your gums are receding and your nerve roots are being exposed. This does not require a dentist visit so just try to stay away from abrasive toothpastes that contain a lot of whitening ingredients as they can be harmful and might make teeth very sensitive. Visit 

Chipped / cracked teeth

While most of us would want to consult a dentist about this issue, it does not necessarily have to be done because sometimes we are able to take care of this issue from home itself. The main cause of a cracked or a chipped tooth would be temperature disparity when you switch between hot and cold food too fast or it could also be a result of a fall or an injury of that sort. While visiting a cosmetic dentist melbourne CBD is recommended if it is serious, simple cracked or chipped issues can be dealt with by not eating certain food and being careful when it comes to brushing teeth.

A burned palate

Most of the time this happens when you eat or drink something hot extremely fast and end up burning the roof of your mouth. While some people do not think this is a serious issue at all, it could be because a burned palate is the easiest way to catch a mouth infection easily. There are some pastes sold in dental stores that once applied, will heal a burned mouth and save you a visit to the dentist.